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LPG Installation

The LPG system is a clean source of fuel and this greatly reduces pollutants and at the same time increases the distance the vehicle can travel, as LPG is more economical than petrol.

The LPG petrol engine system is a dual fuel system. The driver chooses which fuel system to use, either automatically or manually.

Inside the cabin is a small LPG fuel level display, which is the unit that turns the system on and off.

The LPG system control unit is located in the engine compartment.

The automatic activation of the LPG system takes place when the engine has reached the appropriate temperature set by the manufacturer to convert from liquid to gas. Now, LPG is automatically injected into the combustion chamber, thus stopping the use of petrol.

The switch is responsible for making the manual selection. The driver himself can choose whether to use petrol or LPG. 

The vehicle always starts with petrol, and at the appropriate temperature, the vehicle is switched to gas.

In the LPG diesel engine, a parallel fuel injection system is used: that is, the system injects both diesel and LPG simultaneously. The principle of its use is similar to that of the petrol engine. Therefore, when it reaches the appropriate temperature, the user performs parallel fuel injection automatically or manually. 

* Our garage holds the exclusive installation of the LPG diesel engine in Northern Greece. *

Advantages of using an LPG diesel engine: